Programmable Electronic Deadbolt: RESET back to factory settings

It is possible to RESET a Programmable Electronic Deadbolt back to its factory setting. Resetting a Programmable Electronic Deadbolt will erase all current user access programming and audit information and refresh the lock to cause it to operate as if it was just received from the factory.

The RESET process:


1. Remove the inside escutcheon to gain access to the deadbolt battery


2. Disconnect the battery from the deadbolt


3. Momentarily press the “Schlage” button on the face of the deadbolt a few times, with the battery removed


4. While holding the “Schlage” button depressed, reconnect the deadbolt battery

NOTE: You should see the “Schlage” button flash red two times followed by a long green pulse


5. Continue to hold the “Schlage” button until the long green pulse is completed. 

NOTE: The complete “Schlage” button red and green flashing sequence should take no more than 10 seconds to complete.  Repeat steps 2 through 5 if the red and green flashing sequence is not provided as indicated.  You may need to press the “Schlage” button in step 3 a few more times than before.