Hardware needed: 

Tablet, Red iButton, USB to Micro USB adapter, Two-prong Programming Cable

1. Download the latest door files:

  • Actions -> Manage Property -> Door Operations
  • If the message in the center circle does not say "Count of door files: 0", select "Clear Door Files"
  • Select "Continue" at the "Confirm Clear Door Files" prompt.
  • Tap "Download Door Files"
  • The "Door Program Download" window will appear. Select the unit groups to download, or check the "Select All" checkbox at bottom of the window.
  • Click "Download".
  • The dialog will show the percentage completed.
  • When the message "Download completed successfully" appears, tap "Done".
  • The count of door files will now show the number of files that have just been downloaded.
  • Note: If new doors have been added to the site, the count of door files may change from previous downloads of the same unit groups.

2. Connect tablet to door:
  • Take tablet, two-prong door cable (with S on top), and red programming key to the door.
  • Actions -> Manage Property -> Door Operations -> Connect to Lock
  • Present red programming ibutton to door. Light should blink red-green.
  • Connect cable to door (S-side up).
  • Status bubble in the middle of the menus should change to Connected and have the door name or "Unknown" below it. The door time should be at the bottom. If the time doesn't match the tablet's time, it will be red with a clock icon.

3. Program door:
  • For a known door, tap "Program Door" button. It will give a confirmation dialog with number of credentials that will be programmed into the door. Tap "Program" button.
  • For an Unknown door, tap "Select Door to Program" and find the door name in the list. If the door times out of programming mode (it will beep), then just use the red key to put it back into programming mode and re-attach the two-prong cable. You don't need to cancel out of the door selection dialog.
  • Bottom of status circle will say "Programming Door" then "Door programming successful". The door will beep, meaning it's disconnected now.
  • Try the new resident keys on the door.

4. If the tablet gave a warning about the door firmware, then the door will need to be upgraded using the old Schlage Hand Held Device (HHD). The supported firmware version for StratIS is 1.28.