Hardware needed:

Tablet, USB to MicroUSB adapter, iButton Bridge Connector, iButton reader

To program or replace resident key please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the home menu
    • If you are not logged in log into your site
    • If you are asked select the correct property
    • Tap the picture of the home at the top left
  • Connect the iButton cable

      • Connect the iButton reader, bridge, and adapter together

      • Connect the Micro USB end to the tablet

  • Navigate to the unit you are making a key for
    • Select the buildings or floors the unit is under
    • There may be one or more levels to find your unit
  • Choose or create the resident
    • If the resident you need is not there create it by taping the "+" sign
    • Once the resident is there tap the resident
  • Create the Key
    • Tap the "Resident Key" button on the top-right
    • Walk through the instruction on the screen
    • Enter the 5 numbers stamped on the blue part of the key for the "Hot Stamp"
    • Once steps are complete you will get a "Success" message
    • For any other message follow the instruction for "Create the Key"

See also: I made a key for a resident, but it's not working on their lock

If you would like any assistance please contact us:
  • E-mail:  support@stratisems.com
  • Phone: 844-StratIS (844-787-2847)