The process for setting up a new site is the following:

1. Place order or request migration for StratIS. 

New Orders: Purchase -> Shop

Migrations: Resources -> Nexia Pro Migration

2. Fill out Project Information Form (PIF)

Resources -> Project Information Form

This gives us contact information for the various people involved, dates for possible migration, and general information about the site.

3. StratIS will contact you about your project to work out details, set up a schedule, and determine how we're getting the data for your property.

We require 2 weeks advance notice for most migrations and new sites. This gives us sufficient time to ship tablets and cables, receive and process import or migration data, and work through any issues prior to the day of migration.

Some common issues to watch out for are: 

What if I have two red keys?
Must have Blue "No-Tour" programmable iButton FOBs
What is No-Tour and EZ-Tour?

4. Sites must complete Firmware Upgrades on their BE367 deadbolts before StratIS can be used.
Sites must contact Schlage in order to get the firmware upgrade. We require version 1.28.
Any locks which have low batteries must have those replaced.

5. StratIS will import your data into our "Demo" site for your review.

Depending on the type of site, we get data from the following:

1. Project Information Form (PIF, Step 2 above)

2. Nexia data exports (Must be scheduled in advance and only happen on Mondays - Tuesdays)

3. Schlage Express backup database which you can send us any time.

4. Or for brand new sites we can import from a spreadsheet.

5. You will need to read in the Red Key (Programming Fob) before you can program doors. See How do I get the Red Key serial number?

6. Upon approval of the Demo site data, we will import the latest data into production.

Note that we can only receive Nexia migration data on Tuesdays due to restrictions in their migration process.

7. We can call you with the initial username/password for the site manager. They can then add other users as needed.