Hardware needed:

Tablet, USB to MicroUSB adapter, iButton Bridge Connector, iButton reader

The first thing to do in order to diagnose problems with No-Tour keys is to read the key with StratIS.

To do this, go to Reports -> Get Key Info, insert the iButton into the reader, and tap Read. The information that comes up may give a Diagnostic Code.

Possible Diagnostic Codes:

  • Programming Key Mismatch - This can happen if the iButton was written with a different red programming key than the door was programmed with. See What if I have two red keys?
  • Lock has wrong date/time - Connect to door from StratIS tablet using two-prong programming cable and set the time. (Manage Property -> Door Operations -> Connect to Lock)
  • Access attempt outside allowed schedule - Key was programmed with a schedule other than 24/7 and the time on the lock is outside the range of the schedule's allowed times.
  • Lock user position history problem - The lock's internal table of credentials has become out of sync with the StratIS system's records. This can happen if too many No-Tour keys are written without subsequently using them to program the door. Download door file to the StratIS tablet, connect to door, and reprogram door from StratIS tablet.
  • Lock battery low - Change the lock's battery.

Other possible causes:

  • Key isn't programmed for that door - verify the door point id and the key program match.
  • Key has a "Returned Key" program on it, or a valid program for a different door.
  • iButton wasn't held to the contact terminals on the door long enough - try holding the iButton in place against both contacts for a longer amount of time.
  • Firmware hasn't been upgraded to 1.28 or higher - Connect to door with StratIS tablet and two-prong programming cable to verify door version. If firmware version warning is given, contact your Schlage dealer or Schlage tech support to perform the upgrade using Schlage's HHD device.
  • Lock's battery is completely dead - press Schlage button on lock. It should light up blue. If not, battery needs replaced.

Background Info:

The Schlage Programmable Electronic Deadbolt (SPED) locks contain a table of access credentials, one for each key that is allowed access to the lock. Prior systems had to program the lock's table directly by touring with Schlage's HHD device to program new or replacement keys on the lock. With the No-Tour (blue) keys, the key itself can program the door to add itself or replace another key in the lock's table. In order for the No-Tour feature to work, the following must be true:

  • Lock's firmware must be v1.28 or greater.
  • Lock's programming credential (Red Key) must match the Red Key serial number stored in StratIS.
  • Lock must have been programmed with its name and Point ID by uploading the door file.
  • The state of the table on the lock must match the state stored in the StratIS database. (Will be true if door was programmed from StratIS using a current door file and if all previous No-Tour keys successfully programmed into the door).
  • Time on the lock must be correct. (Set Door Time from StratIS Door Operations).
  • If Blue Key was written with a schedule, then the current time must be within the allowed schedule.
  • Blue key must be written with the correct program for that lock, or be written with a Factory Reset program. If the blue key has an existing valid program for another door, it won't work on other doors, even if the door has been Tour-programmed with the tablet and latest door file.