A “Tour” is the activity of visiting a door with the tablet and appropriate programming cable. It is done when performing actions that can’t be done with just the FOB, such as giving master keys access to doors, retrieving door audits, setting a door time, etc.

“No-Tour” means that the tablet does not need to be taken to the door. The iButton FOB can be programmed from the tablet and get paired with the door upon being presented. In order for the No-Tour feature to work, the following must be true:

  • Lock's firmware must be v1.28 or greater.

  • Red iButton used to program the lock must match the red iButton serial number stored in StratIS.

  • Lock must have been programmed with its name and Point ID by the tablet and two-prong cable with the appropriate door file.

  • The state of the table on the lock must match the state stored in the StratIS database. (Will be true if door was programmed from StratIS using a current door file and if all previous No-Tour keys successfully programmed into the door).

  • Time on the lock must be correct. (Manage Property -> Door Operations -> Connect to Lock -> Set Door Time)

  • If Blue Key was written with a schedule, then the current time must be within the allowed schedule.

  • Blue key must be written with the correct program for that lock, or be written with a Factory Reset program. If the blue key has an existing valid program for another door, it won't work on other doors, even if the door has been Tour-programmed with the tablet and latest door file.