Hardware needed:

Tablet, Red iButton, USB to Micro USB adapter, Two-prong Programming Cable

Several features of the "No Tour" iButton capability require that the locks have the correct time. This ensures the following features will work as expected:

  • Orange Maintenance fobs (These are written with access time down to the minute. They won't work if the lock's time is wrong.)
  • Blue fob No-Tour programming
  • Key schedules
  • Expiration dates on blue or grey keys
  • Anything relating to holidays or special events on CO/CT locks

To set the date and time on a door lock:

  • Take the tablet, the two-prong programming cable, and the red programming key to the door.
  • Actions -> Manage Property -> Door Operations¬†
  • Connect cable to tablet.
  • Select "Connect to Lock"
  • Present the red programming ibutton to door. The light should blink red-green.
  • Connect cable to door (S-side up).

The circle in the middle of the menu will say "Connected" and have either the door name or "Unknown" below it. The door time will be at the bottom. If the time does not match the tablet's time, it will be red with a clock icon. If this is the case:
  • Tap "Set Door Time" on the right. After a second or two, the lock will beep and disconnect you.
  • Re-connect to the lock using the steps above to verify time was set.