To return / delete a staff key please follow these steps:

Hardware needed: Tablet, Red iButton, USB to MicroUSB adapter, iButton Bridge Connector, Two-prong Programming Cable, CO/CT Programming Cable

This is a toured action, meaning that the tablet must be taken to each affected door.

  • Navigate to the home menu
    • If you are not logged in, log into your site
    • If you are asked, select the correct property
    • Tap the picture of the home at the top left
  • Remove the Staff Key
    • Tap People
    • Tap Staff Keys
    • In the list of staff keys, select the one that you want removed
    • Tap Return Key. A dialog box will appear confirming to return the key, and tap Return Key.
  • Program Locks
    • When you are finished with this process, please re-program the locks that you do not want this key to have access to any longer

As the dialog box states, the key being returned will still work in all of the doors it has been paired with until the tablet is used to re-program each door.

If you would like any assistance please contact us:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 844-StratIS (844-787-2847)