Hardware needed: 

Tablet, USB to MicroUSB adapter, CO/CT Programming Cable

CO/CT Door Audit:

  • Download the door files where you have wifi (Manage Property -> Door Operations -> Download Door Files)
  • Attach the usb end to your tablet using the adapter cable.
  • Attach the box end of the CO/CT cable to the door. 
  • Press the Schlage button twice (should do green - red)
  • Go to Manage Property -> Door Operations -> Connect to CO/CT Lock
  • The tablet should connect to the door and say "Connected" with the door name or "Unknown" under that. Lock light will blink red. Time at the bottom might be red with a clock meaning it's different than the tablet's time.
  • Status bubble in the middle of the menus should change to "Connected" and state the door name. 
  • The door time should be at the bottom. If the time doesn't match the tablet's time, it will be red with a clock icon. Audit records will have the wrong time if this is the case, so it would be good to make note of what time the lock thinks it is.
  • Tap the "Read Door Audit" button. It will give a confirmation dialog and display the audit when it is complete.
  • To view the audit, go to "Reports" / "Door Audits"
  • Note: sometimes the audits won't upload right away, especially if you don't have WiFi at the doors. To resolve this, log out of the app, and then log back in while connected to WiFi.