These instructions are for updating your StratIS App

If you are logged in first log out of StratIS

  • Tap the lock shaped icon on the top right

Log Into the App and accept update

  • On login your version is checked by our system
  • If your version is not the latest you will be asked if you want an update
  • To accept an update please tap the "Update" button
  • The update will download and automatically log you out of the tablet

Log back in
  • Tap the circle or home shaped icon in the black bar at the botton to go to the tablet home
  • Tap the StratIS icon to open the application
  • Log back in and verify you see an updated version at the bottom left in small print

If you have issues
  • Your version number is on the bottom left in small print
  • If it is below 2.4.0 you should definitely be asked for an update
  • If you do not get prompted or cannot find your StratIS icon please contact us.
  • We can be reached at or 844-StratIS