Hardware needed:

Tablet, Red iButton, USB to MicroUSB adapter, Two-prong Programming Cable

This is a toured action, meaning that the tablet must be taken to each door affected by edits to the system:

Navigate to the resident:

  • From the main screen, tap Places
  • Navigate to the unit where the resident you want to remove lives
  • In the center circle, select the resident that you want to remove by tapping their name.

Remove the resident:

  • Tap Edit at the bottom of the center circle.
  • Tap Remove Resident at the bottom of the Edit Resident menu.
  • Tap Continue Without Key to remove the resident from the StratIS system.

NOTE: Even after returning the key, the key will continue to work on any locks for which it had access until those locks are re-programmed with the tablet.

How do I program a BE367 or FE210 lock