If you have set up a lock for one property, e.g. for demonstrations purposes, and need to switch it to a different property, there are two steps:

1. You must remove the lock from its current property in the Allegion Engage app:


  • Open the Engage app, log in, and select the property the lock is currently associated with
  • Go to the Devices tab
  • Find the lock in the list of devices
  • Swipe to the Left and a red Delete¬†button should appear.
  • Tap the Delete button. The lock is now no longer associated with this property.

2. Factory reset the lock:
  • Deadbolt must be retracted
  • Reboot the lock by pulling a battery temporarily, or by contacting the Jumpstart pads in the front with a 9V battery
  • After the lock reboots (3 beeps), extend and retract the deadbolt twice.
  • The lock should beep 2 short 1 long. It is now back to its factory settings and only Construction fobs will work until it's commissioned and programmed.

After this, you can add the lock to the other property through the standard commissioning process: