Hardware needed: 

Tablet, USB to MicroUSB adapter, CO/CT Programming Cable

 1. Connect the tablet to the lock:

  • Attach the CO/CT cable to your tablet using the USB to Micro USB adapter.
  • Attach the "box" end of the CO/CT cable to the USB socket of the lock.
  • From the "Door Operations" menu, select, "Connect to CO/CT Lock".
  • The tablet will connect to the door and say "Connected" and either the door name or "Unknown".

2. Commission the lock:

  • To commission the lock, select "Set Coupling Pass"
  • Press and hold the SCHLAGE button and press the LINK button 3 times within 5 seconds
  • Release the SCHLAGE button
  • Press 'Commission Lock'
  • Once the door programming is complete, the app message "Lock commissioned successfully" 
  • Disconnect the cable from the lock.

See this article for some troubleshooting tips:

I'm having trouble getting it to connect to a CO/CT lock reliably