Factory reset the lock:


  • Deadbolt must be retracted
  • Reboot the lock by pulling a battery temporarily, or by contacting the Jumpstart pads in the front with a 9V battery
  • After the lock reboots (3 beeps), extend and retract the deadbolt twice.
  • The lock should beep 2 short 1 long. It is now back to its factory settings and only Construction fobs will work until it's commissioned and programmed.

The lock will then need to be deleted from Engage in order to recommission it after the factory reset. To do this login to Engage > Devices > Swipe Left on the Device (if using an Apple device) or long press on the device name (if using an Android device) > Select Delete (if using an Apple device) or the Trashcan icon (if using an Android device)

After this step, the lock is ready to be recommissioned. Here are instructions on how to commission the lock from factory condition: 

Select Site and Lock:

  • Log into Engage
  • Select your Site
  • Tap "Connect" on tab at bottom
  • Tap "+" at top
  • Tap "OK on "Commission Device" screen
  • Select your uncommissioned device

Lock Setup:

  • Tap "Add"
  • Tap "Yes" for "is lock blinking"
  • Give lock name that matches door name in StratIS
  • Tap Finish