Schlage Button Light

1 Red Blink
Access Denied: Invalid user iButton
Programming Denied: Invalid Programming iButton

4 Red Blinks
Access Denied: Time Zone Violation

9 Red Blinks, then Flashing Green
Low Battery Indication – Then lock will grant iButton access (or Lock and Leave).

12 Red Blinks
Critical Battery Indication – Lock Will Not Operate.
Access Denied: Lock in “Freeze” State.

Flashing Green
Access Granted: Valid User iButton
Lock and Leave Is In-Process.
Access Granted: Valid construction iButton (unprogrammed lock).

Alternating Green /Red
Programming Mode Has Been Initiated.
Programming Mode Has Expired.
Battery Has Been Installed Into A Non-Programmed Lock.
First of Two Supervised Keys Presented.

1 Green Blink, 1 Red Blink
Unprogrammed Lock: Programming Key Presented While Deadbolt Extended.
(A new programming key must be presented while deadbolt is retracted.)
Unprogrammed Lock: Invalid Construction iButton Presented.

1 Green Blink, 2 Red Blinks
Error: Reset Lock To Default Process Was Not Completed.
Error: Change Programming Credential Process Was Not Completed.

1 Green Blink, 6 Red Blinks
Error: Change Programming Credential Process Was Not Completed.