If a resident's smart card or fob suddenly stops working, there may be an issue with the Smart Card itself. 

Please run through the following diagnostics:

  1. Visit the lock with the StratIS tablet and pull a door audit to see if access is being denied for reasons like schedules, clock being wrong, etc.
  2. Write a maintenance key to access the lock and test if it works. If it does work, then the lock time and programming are correct and the smart card is probably defective.

If you determine the lock is in working order, you can create a replacement card or Fob for the resident by going to Places -> Unit -> select the resident and tap "Make Fob". 

Otherwise, download door files and re-program the door. Replace the card if it still doesn't work after reprogramming the door.

Please mark the bad Smart Cards and contact Allegion tech support or your sales agent, and return them to Allegion for inspection.