First, a quick rundown on the different fob numbers:

  • Facility Code - Listed as "FC" on the box and wrapper labels of the blue fobs for your property. This number must be the same on all boxes and wrappers. If you get a set of fobs from your supplier that contains a different facility code, let your supplier know right away and have them switch those fobs out with the correct ones.  In the case of The Franklin Apts., this code is 236.
  • Hotstamp - This is the 5-digit number stamped in black on the underside of the key. (See image below.) Each hotstamp is unique.
  • Proximity Code - The proximity, or "prox" code, is the full string of numbers associated with a fob. It is shown in the system as the facility code followed by the hotstamp. So if the facility code is 236, and the hotstamp is 01234, then the prox code on that key is 236:01234.
  • Serial Number - The serial number is the code inscribed on the metal button of the fob. It is the long string in the middle of the button, including the two sets of numbers above the string. See the image below:

Now, here are the steps for re-setting the prox codes for your property:

  • Retrieve the hotstamp and serial number information from the resident. This does not have to be done in person. They can call you or email you with this number if it is more convenient.
  • Go into the app either on the tablet or on a web browser on a computer. For the web browser option, go to This will send you to the login page.
  • From the main menu (or "Action" menu), select "Reports" and then choose "Credentials". If you are on the tablet, this will open a window in the tablet's web browser.
  • In the "Search" bar at the top, type in the iButton serial number. 
  • When you locate that fob in the menu of credentials, tap on the space (or number) under "Prox Code". Enter in the facility code (236) and the hotstamp from that resident's fob. Hit "return" or "enter" on your keypad to save the change.
  • If you have Amenities and/or Common Areas on your property with CO-200 or CT-5000 locks, these locks will need to be programmed. Please follow this link to see the steps for programming the CO-200 and follow this link to see the steps for programming the CT-5000.
  • The correct information will now be saved in your system for that resident.