Select Site and Lock:

  • Log into Engage
  • Select your Site
  • Tap "Connect" on tab at bottom
  • Tap "+" at top
  • Tap "OK on "Commission Device" screen
  • Select your uncommissioned device

Lock Setup:

  • Tap "Add"
  • Tap "Yes" for "is lock blinking"
  • Give lock name that matches door name in StratIS
  • Tap Finish

Below are the NDE's correct Firmware and WiFi Settings. These settings can be checked and updated by connecting to the NDE in the Connect menu in Engage (once commissioned the lock should appear in a list of devices in this menu). 

1. WiFi

WiFi is OFF

WiFi can be changed by selecting WiFi when connected to the NDE and switching the setting to OFF. 

2. Firmware

FW: 2.10.09k

Reader: 02.02.04

Bluetooth: 01.04.127-1.3.0

bootloader: 01.04.00

reader bootloader: 01.02.09

If the lock firmware is not up to date on these versions, you can update it by going to Configure Device --> Update Firmware while connected to the NDE in Engage.

If any additional assistance updating the NDE's settings in Engage is required, you can reach out to Allegion, the lock's manufacturer: