If you are not able to create or read in keys using your iButton Fob Programmer but can program doors using your iButton Door Programmer and/or CO/CT Cable and charge your tablet, please attempt the following troubleshooting steps: 

1. Attempt to make a key using a different FOB.  If possible, use a separate resident key (IBF 120 User FOB) and separate Maintenance Key (IBF 130 Maintenance FOB) for your testing

If the issues persists, please proceed with Step 2; 

2. Clear the tablet's cache and attempt to write/read in a key

If the iButton cable does not respond after clearing the tablet's data, please proceed with Step 3;  

3. Swap out the Micro USB to USB adapter (2 inch cable) on your iButton Door Programmer or CO/CT Cable and iButton cable and attempt to make a key.  

If you complete the aforementioned steps and can't make or read keys in, please contact Stratis Support for further assistance.