If your 2-Prong Cable Programming cable stopped working, please follow the following steps to remedy the situation: 

1. First, confirm if your 2-Prong Cable isn't working on a specific door or all doors. If the former, then the issue might be stemming from the lock itself (BE-367) and not the cable. Feel free to browse our self-help articles on the BE-367 locks, or proceed to contact STRATIS Support via email (support@stratisiot.com) or phone (844-787-2847). If the cable isn't working on all doors, please proceed to the next step below.

2. It's good practice to clear your tablet's data/cache every now and then. This simple solution often resolves several issues pertaining to programming doors and fobs. Please click here and follow the steps to clearing your tablet's data & cache. Proceed to testing the cable after you clear your tablet's data & cache. If your issues persist, proceed to the next step below.

3. Swap out the black Micro USB extension (2 inch cable) on your 2-Prong cable with the one found on your iButton programmer (they use the same extension). Proceed to test your 2-Prong cable. If your issues persist, please proceed to calling STRATIS Support at 844-787-2847.