If you cannot make keys with your MT20W reader,  please work through the MT20W troubleshooting steps listed below. We hope these steps will assist in resolving the issue you're experiencing with your MT20W. If you are unable to make/read keys after working through these steps, please contact Allegion Support, the reader's manufacturer, for further assistance:



Is the reader's light solid red or blue when connected to its power source? If RED, please try the following:


1. Is your reader connected to 2.4 gHz WiFi? MT20W's may not function on a WiFi connection that is greater than 2.4 gHz. If your property's WiFi is greater than 2.4 gHz, connect the reader to a Mobile Hotspot as a workaround to make keys.

2. Has the WiFi the MT20W reader was connected to changed? If so, the WiFi can be updated for the reader by going to Connect in Engage while the reader is plugged into a power source, selecting the reader from the list of available devices, and then selecting WiFi and updating the Network (SSID) and network password. You will also want to ensure the Host Configuration is the following: 

server: allegion-api.stratisems.com
Security: Secured

3. If you've completed the above steps, check with the IT department at your property to ensure the reader's MAC address is whitelisted on the WiFi network. 

Engage App

1. Is the reader commissioned with a Stratis affiliated Engage account? You can confirm the account is Stratis affiliated by going to My Team - you should see a user "Agent 1" which will confirm the account is associated with Stratis.  If you do not see "Agent 1", please reach out to Stratis Support to be added to a Stratis affiliated Engage account.  

If you are unable to make keys with a reader solid blue light after working through these steps, please complete a factory reset of the reader and set up of the reader in Engage; Here are instructions on completing a factory reset: Factory Reset MT20W

Before performing a factory reset, you will need to remove the reader from "Devices" (iPad: swipe left on the reader name in Devices and Delete, Android: Press the reader under Devices for 2-3 seconds then select the trashcan icon in the top right corner to remove).

After the factory reset has been completed, you will need to recommission the reader in Engage: Commission Reader in Engage