If you cannot make keys with your MT20W reader,  please work through the MT20W troubleshooting steps listed below. We hope these steps will assist in resolving the issue you're experiencing with your MT20W. If you are unable to make/read keys after working through these steps, please contact Allegion Support, the reader's manufacturer, for further assistance:



If the reader is solid BLUE when connected to a power source, please try these steps:


1. When you attempt to make a key, do you see the reader under the list of readers to select? If not, the reader may have to be added to Stratis by Stratis Support
2. Have you attempted to make a key using a different credential?
3. If you cannot make a maintenance key, are you able to make a test resident or staff key? If you cannot make a resident key, are you able to make a staff or maintenance key?
4. What is the power source that the reader is connected to? The reader may need to be connected to a standard USB charger (such as the Lenovo tablet charger) to function properly.

If you've completed Steps 1-4 listed above and the MT20W reader is timing out when creating keys, please contact the IT department at your property to have the reader's MAC address whitelisted on your WiFi network. You can also attempt to connect the reader to a different WiFi network or connect the reader to a Mobile Hotspot as a workaround to make keys. 

If you are unable to make keys with a reader solid blue light after working through these steps, please complete a factory reset of the reader and set up of the reader in Engage; Here are instructions on completing a factory reset: Factory Reset MT20W

Before performing a factory reset, you will need to remove the reader from "Devices" (iPad: swipe left on the reader name in Devices and Delete, Android: Press the reader under Devices for 2-3 seconds then select the trashcan icon in the top right corner to remove).

After the factory reset has been completed, you will need to recommission the reader in Engage: Commission Reader in Engage