Hardware needed: 

Tablet, Red iButton, USB to Micro USB adapter, Two-prong Programming Cable

1. Download the latest door files:

  • Actions -> Manage Property -> Door Operations
  • If the message in the center circle does not say "Count of door files: 0", select "Clear Door Files"
  • Select "Continue" at the "Confirm Clear Door Files" prompt.
  • Tap "Download Door Files"
  • The "Door Program Download" window will appear. Select the unit groups to download, or check the "Select All" checkbox at bottom of the window.
  • Click "Download".
  • The dialog will show the percentage completed.
  • When the message "Download completed successfully" appears, tap "Done".
  • The count of door files will now show the number of files that have just been downloaded.
  • Note: If new doors have been added to the site, the count of door files may change from previous downloads of the same unit groups.