Hardware needed:

Tablet, Red iButton, iButton cable, USB to Micro USB adapter, Two-prong Programming Cable, CO/CT Programming Cable

This is a toured action, meaning the tablet must be taken to each affected lock.

To program a staff key please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the home menu
    • If you are not logged in log into your site
    • If you are asked select the correct property
    • Tap the picture of the home at the top left
  • Connect the iButton cable
    • Connect the ibutton cable, adaptor, and mini-usb adaptor together
    • Connect the mini-usb cable to the tablet
  • Navigate to the staff key menu
    • Tap to select "People"
    • Tap to select "Staff Keys"
  • Create the Key
    • Tap the "New Key" button on the top-right
    • Enter your password for security purposes
    • Select the staff member the key is for
    • Enter your prox code
    • Select all of the unit groups that the key should access
    • Select the schedule for the key
    • Make a key name
    • Place the blue key in the programmer and click next
  • Program Locks

If the staff key does not work on iButton locks after programming, try factory resetting the key and trying it on the door again.

How do I factory reset a key?