Hardware needed:

Tablet, MT20W reader

To remove access for a resident please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the home menu
    • If you are not logged in log into your site
    • If you are asked select the correct property
    • Tap the picture of the home at the top left
  • Navigate to the unit the resident is in
    • Select the buildings or floors the unit is under
    • There may be one or more levels to find your unit
  • Remove the resident from the room
    • Tap on the resident you would like to remove, the list is in the middle sphere
    • Tap on the orange edit icon on the bottom of the sphere
    • Tap on the "Remove Resident" button and follow directions
  • Option 1 "Continue without key"
  • Option 2 "Continue with Key"
    • If you have the resident's key, the key can be returned
    • Follow the instructions and the key will be disabled