Hardware needed:

Tablet, CO/CT Cable (if common area lock is a CO200 or CT5000)

  • Navigate to "Manage Property" from the main menu
    • Select the "Bulk Keys" option
    • Select the "New Range" option
    • Enter the keys Facility Code (FC)
      • The Facility Code (FC) can be found on the package that the keys came in, typically located on the bottom left-hand corner of your label. 
    • Enter the starting hotstamp number
      • The starting hotstamp is a number located in the column called "Start", typically in the middle of your label. The value will appear twice, once in a row named Internal/INT, and once as External/EXT.
    • Enter the "Stop" hotstamp number
      • The "Stop" hotstamp should be the 100th key in your sequence (limit of 100 keys per range).
  • Select common area units that the keys should access
    • Choose a schedule and then select "Next"
    • Verify the access and schedule being provided to the keys and select "Confirm"
  • Program the affected locks (click on relevant links below for lock programming instructions)

If you would like any assistance please contact us:

  • E-mail:  support@stratisems.com
  • Phone: 844-STRATIS (844-787-2847)