The STRATIS Maintenance Portal simplifies the workflow for submitting, receiving, and responding to maintenance requests within resident units or across your property. 

With the STRATIS mobile app (version 1.4 or later), residents can submit detailed information about issues they'd like to see addressed. After submission, their reports are visible in a list that includes issue status, as reported by the responding staff member.

These requests are then relayed directly to the STRATIS management app, where staff or maintenance members can assign tickets and create keys all in one easy-to-use interface.

Coming soon! Grant and revoke access to your maintenance team in the field instantly and securely with maintenance credentials on mobile. Save time and resolve resident concerns seamlessly with the STRATIS Maintenace Portal and mobile app.

Questions or concerns about residents submitting maintenance requests? Already use an existing system and wonder how we can work together? Give us a call at 844-STRATIS and we'll help you find a solution.