Allegion recently add a 'Test Wi-Fi Connection' button the WI-FI Configuration screen in the Engage App.

To utilize this tool, go to the Connect menu and select your device from the list of devices that have previously been commissioned. Then tap the 'Test Wi-Fi Connection' button on the following screen 

You will reach the next screen where you want to press Test Wi-Fi

The test has 3 results:

  1. Device successfully connected to the host 
  2. Failed to connect to access point. Confirm the Wi-Fi network SSID and Password and try again.
  3. DNS Failure, Failed to resolve host IP. Confirm Host Configuration settings and try again. 

If you get the 2nd result, you need to check your wifi settings

If you get the 3rd result, please ensure your server is and Config is DNS and Security is Secured